Welcome to Courir le loup-garou, a blog dedicated to La sorcellerie traditionnelle du Canada français (French Canadian Traditional Witchcraft). Both of the blog’s authors are bilingual French Canadians who are privileged to not only have preserved their language, but are also close to their traditional roots.

We understand that that is not the case with everyone interested in this tradition and that it may be difficult for unilingual Anglophones to make their way through French sources. Therefore, we are committed to posting all blog posts and pages in both French and English as well as offering a pronunciation guide to facilitate learning.

Please note that all comments or contact may be done in French or English.

The primary navigation menu is comprised of several tabs:

“English” – “Pronunciation” – « Sources » – “À propos” (About) – “Contact”

Each of these menu tabs (save “English”) are translated to offer you an optimum experience.

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